As people and the objects we use are interconnecting at a relentless pace, there is beyond a shadow of a doubt the importance of wireless and its growth potential. With all the focus on wireless comes an exciting opportunity for technology and business leaders to converge at the upcoming Wireless China Industry Summit 2016. By attending you can explore and learn about…

  • The full scope of cutting edge wireless connectivity technologies to support IoT, autonomous vehicles, smart homes, intelligent infrastructure and other intended applications
  • Wireless solutions for overcoming coverage challenges indoor, outdoor and across different topographical environments
  • How 5G is shaping up to form the next generation of mobile network infrastructure to support IoT and other applications
  • Co-existence of LTE and Wi-Fi
  • Dynamic spectrum access
  • What operators can deploy to cost effectively connect the unconnected
  • WiMAX’s AeroMACS for aviation communications
  • LTE Broadband Trunked Communications for vertical markets and industries
  • Latest developments from Bluetooth SIG, Wi-Fi Alliance, ZigBee

Discover these Advanced Wireless Connectivity Technologies & their Applications

Wi-Fi Aware
Connected Vehicles
LTE Broadband Trunked Communications
Smart Home
5G Development
Spectrum Technology
Internet of Things Developer & Technology Forum
Broadband Rail

Welcome Message

Dear Wireless Colleagues,

With all the attention on connectivity, networking and communications, Wireless China Industry Summit is just the place to get up to speed on the latest wireless breakthroughs and strategies. For two dynamic days, this event is where successful wireless innovators, developers, manufacturers, designers, engineers, integrators, marketers, network operators, entrepreneurs, investors and other professionals gather. What better way to learn and discuss the new advancements and trends. To meet the diverse demands of the rapidly expanding wireless market, the Wireless China Industry Summit this year introduces several targeted seminars focusing on vertical technologies and applications to immerse you in topics that matches your specific interest. You will also have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders, technical experts, visionaries as well as regulatory officials share their insights and perspectives through plenary talks, keynotes, panel discussions and breakout presentations. On behalf of the Radio Association of China, may I have the honor of inviting you to attend this exceptional event.

Yours Sincerely,

Xie Feibo
Vice Chairman, Radio Association of China
Director General, Radio Regulatory Bureau
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R. China

Approved by

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P. R. China

Endorsed by

Radio Regulatory Bureau, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P. R. China


Radio Association of China


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