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Welcome to an Expanding Wireless World

The use of wireless is rapidly gaining ground in diverse areas such as health and fitness, smart homes, building automation, fire and security, lighting, aviation, public safety, vehicles, high speed rail and beyond. For billions of people around the globe, wireless provides the advantage of mobility, efficiency, flexibility and convenience. This trend of integrating wireless communication, networking, sensor and connectivity technologies into a wide variant of devices and products is not only growing but is the way forward. Are you geared up for a wireless future?

The upcoming Wireless China Industry Summit is the leading event of its kind in the country addressing the full scope of innovative wireless technologies and their applications. Whether your interest is from the perspective of a wireless enduser, application developer, systems integrator, reseller, a manufacturer or service provider, the surest way to get yourself and your organization fully ready for a dynamic wireless world is by attending. Register today!

Step Ahead in the Wireless World
Wireless is all around us. Come meet the leaders behind wireless development and deployment from China and globally. With decision makers from the entire wireless eco-sphere--that's over 800 delegates--participating, this is one event you won't want to miss.

"Xie Feibo, Director General of Radio Regulatory Bureau visiting Wireless China Industry Summit"

Come Discover What You Can Do with Wireless
  • Wi-Fi
  • Aviation
  • Fire & Security
  • Bluetooth
  • Telematics/Connected Cars
  • Lighting
  • ZigBee
  • High Speed Rail
  • Health& Fitness
  • Wireless Sensors
  • Public Safety
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Satellite
  • Radio Monitoring & Testing
  • Energy Management
  • 5G LTE
  • Broadcasting
  • Building Automation
  • Trunk Radio/PPDR
  • Next Generation Hot Spots
  • Internet of Things
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Smart Cities
  • SDR/Cognitive Radio
  • Spectrum Sharing/DSA
  • Wireless LAN
Welcome Message

Dear Industry Colleagues,

The Radio Association of China cordially invites you to take part in the highly anticipated 16th annual Wireless China Industry Summit. Each year Wireless China provides an outstanding showcase of the many emerging wireless technologies and how these technologies can be applied to create exciting new services and products that consumers and businesses want.

Wireless China is also where you can engage in dialogue with thought leaders and innovators who are sharing their knowledge, insight and bright ideas with you. An educational conference program allows you to choose from up to 75 distinct presentations covering a wide breadth of interesting and timely topics. As in previous years, Wireless China is organized around informative sessions, high level keynotes and exhibits with ample opportunities to learn and network.

As the world goes wireless and demand for wireless is exploding, companies that do not have a firm grasp of the wireless trends will find themselves left behind. This is why attending Wireless China is so important if you want to be on top of all the latest developments and opportunities. Come join an energetic community of over 800 of the brightest technology professionals involved with developing and deploying wireless products, applications and services for various market sectors.

I hope you can make time to join this productive event and look forward to meeting you in Beijing this September 16 – 17.

Xie Feibo
Vice Chairman, Radio Association of China
Director, Radio Regulatory Bureau
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R. China

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