The wireless technologies that we use for voice + data communications and to connect objects around us are constantly evolving. What are the new developments that you should be looking for and how will they impact you? This year’s highly anticipated Wireless China Industry Summit will introduce you to exciting, cutting-edge wireless technologies that are emerging in the market and demonstrate how they can be applied to enhance your business or IoT project. Come hear distinguished thought leaders and global experts share their knowledge and insights on the latest wireless trends and innovations. Register now!

  • New Bluetooth solutions for IoT with 4X the range, 100% improved speed plus mesh networking capability
  • Narrow Band IoT (NB IoT)
  • Low Power Wide Area Network technologies (LPWAN)
  • Path to 5G - evolutionary or revolutionary?
  • Spectrum management technologies, spectrum sharing and dynamic spectrum access (DSA)
  • Modernizing communications for aviation’s ground operations with AeroMACS
  • Advances in LTE Broadband Trunked Communications for vertical markets and industries
  • Small cells and DAS solutions for enhancing capacity and coverage
  • Ka Satellite technology and applications – mobile broadband, broadcasting, navigation, emergency response and more!

Discover these Advanced Wireless Connectivity Technologies & their Applications

5G Network Development
Internet of Things Developer & Technology Forum
LTE Broadband Trunked Communications
Spectrum Technology
Ka Satellite Technology & Applications
Wireless Tower Infrastructure & Small Cells

Welcome Message

Dear Wireless Industry Colleague,

When the first wireless device was invented in 1880, it revolutionized communications forever. Today, there is a wide array of groundbreaking wireless technologies under development. From small cells that expand capacity for mobile networks to spectrum utilization software to embedding objects with Narrow Band IoT. Wireless technology is evolving by the minute.

If you are professionally involved with wireless in any capacity, you'll want to stay on top of these pioneering innovations. For this reason, the Radio Association of China is honored and delighted to bring the latest wireless technologies to you at the 17th annual Wireless China Industry Summit.

Organized with the full support of the Radio Regulatory Bureau and approval from the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, the Wireless China 2016 agenda encompasses two exciting days of educational sessions on 5G, NB-IoT, LPWAN, Bluetooth, AeroMACS, LTE Broadband Trunked Communications, Ka Satellite as well as small cells, DAS, spectrum technologies and DSA.

Come join the like-minded professionals attending this event who are creating highly valued businesses, products, software, hardware, applications and services around wireless. We welcome you to be part of this dynamic community to collaborate, exchange ideas, share your achievements, increase your knowledge and expand your network of contacts.

I look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

Yours Sincerely,

Xie Feibo
Vice Chairman, Radio Association of China
Director General, Radio Regulatory Bureau
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R. China

Approved by

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P. R. China

Endorsed by

Radio Regulatory Bureau, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P. R. China


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