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Grow with Wireless

Wireless makes it possible for our world to be highly mobile yet connected. Smart phones, smart homes, Internet of Things, connected cars, wearable technology, broadband access on trains and aircrafts or cloud services would not be thriving today without wireless. At the upcoming Wireless China Industry Summit, you and your organization will have firsthand opportunity to learn more about the latest wireless technologies and their applications in high growth market segments. Whether your interest is from the perspective of a wireless enduser, applications developer, systems integrator, reseller, a manufacturer, investor or service provider, the surest way to get yourself and your organization fully ready for a dynamic wireless world and the opportunities ahead is by attending. Register today!

"Xie Feibo, Director General of Radio Regulatory Bureau visiting Wireless China Industry Summit"

Discover these Advanced Wireless Technologies & Emerging Markets

Wi-Fi Aware
Hosted by Wi-Fi Alliance

Hosted by WiMAX Forum

Connected Vehicles
Hosted by Telematics Industry Application Alliance

LTE Broadband Trunked Communications
Hosted by B-Trunk C Industry Alliance

Smart Home
Hosted by Bluetooth SIG

5G Development
Hosted by Radio Association of China

Spectrum Technology
Hosted by Radio Regulatory Bureau, MIIT China

Internet of Things Developer & Technology Forum

SwiftBroadband for Aviation
Hosted by Inmarsat

Broadband Rail
Hosted by China Rail Corporation

Welcome Message

Dear Industry Colleagues,

The wireless world is constantly innovating and changing. If you are involved with wireless, keeping abreast of new technologies, market trends, business opportunities and solutions can be a real challenge. The Wireless China Industry Summit was established with this in mind and each year an educational program provides critical insight on key topics to keep you fully informed about the latest developments. To this extent, attendees who take part in Wireless China go on to become outstanding leaders and experts for their respective areas. On behalf of the Radio Association of China, may I have the honor of inviting you to attend the highly anticipated 16th annual Wireless China Industry Summit in Beijing!

Xie Feibo
Vice Chairman, Radio Association of China
Director, Radio Regulatory Bureau
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, P.R. China

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