2017 List of Speakers

Liu Lihua
Vice Minister
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Kan Runtian
Deputy Director, Radio Regulatory Bureau, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Bai Lang
Director of Wireless Products
New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd

Bi Shouwen
Vice President and Vice President of Product Marketing Department
New H3C Group

Cai Yuemin
Vice Chief Engineer
Datang Mobile

CW Cheung
Research Fellow, Consulting Director, APAC,

Cui Jianmin
Aero Product Sales Manager

Cui Jinglong
Vice President
Huawei Enterprise Wireless

Duan Hongtao
Deputy Director, Beijing Monitoring Station
State Radio Monitoring Center

Feng Lei
Product Strategic Planning Director of China

Edgar Figueroa
Wi-Fi Alliance

Huang Dong
Deputy General Manager of Radio Monitoring Division
Transcom Instruments

Chih-Lin I
Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies
China Mobile Research Institute

Jiang Chengling
Jiangsu State Grid Corporation of China

Jiang Qingsheng
Researcher, BU of Communications
No. 1 Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security

Ken Lam
Field Application Engineer
Nordic Semiconductor ASA

Lan Yu
Technical Director, Pre-Sales
Beijing Xinwei

Lori Lee
Senior Marketing Manager, APAC
Bluetooth SIG

Li Bin
Director, Network Technology Research Institute
Shenzhen Friendcom Technology Co., Ltd

Li Fuchang
Senior Expert, Wireless Technology Research Department
China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute

Li Keqiang
Former Director of Automotive Engineering
Tsinghua University

Li Jingchun
Deputy Director and Chief Engineer
State Radio Monitoring Center

Li Mingming
Senior Engineer, Spectrum Research Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Li Wei
Dr., Research Center of Satellite Frequency and Orbit Resources
State Radio Monitoring Center

Li Yanfen
Chief Engineer
Beijing Research Institute, China Telecom

Li Yinghua
Senior Engineer, Spectrum Engineering Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Liu Bo
Head of Information Center, Lijiang Branch
PSB Guilin

Liu Haining
Sales Manager of North China
Silicon Labs

Luo Yonggang
Marketing Engineer
Keysight Technologies (China) Co., Ltd

Lv Qiheng
Technical Director
ZTE Trunking Technology Corporation

Ma Hongbing
Vice General Manager, Network Construction Department
China Unicom

Ou Yongping
Chief Experts of Solution

Peng Jianhua
Huawei Enterprise Wireless

Pu Xing
Senior Engineer, Information Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Kai Ren
Technical Program Manager, APAC
Bluetooth SIG

Rong Hui
VP, New Technology Institute
BAIC Group

Rui Yanhua
Application Engineer
Keysight Technologies (China) Co., Ltd

Shen Shaoai
Vice President, Technical Department
China Telecom

Shen Yongyan
Deputy Director, Science and Technology Committee
China Satcom

Shi Jian
Chief Engineer, China Carrier Wireless Marketing Department

Shi Yongxin
Principal Engineer, Broadband Satellite System Department
China Satcom

Ray Shiu
Associate Vice President
Gunitech Corp

Wilma Su
Chairman of China Member Group, Zigbee Alliance
Director of Standards and Regulations Asia, Philips Lighting

Chin-Sean Sum
Manager of Certification Programs
Wi-SUN Alliance

Tu Fangze
Technical Marketing Engineer
National Instruments

Manuel Uhm
Chair of the Board of Directors
Wireless Innovation Forum

Frank Wandres
Director Sales Asia / Pacific & Europe
LS telcom AG, Germany

Wang Zhiqin
Director General
B-TrunC Industry Alliance

Wang Zhongli
Director, Industry Information Marketing Dept.
Datang Mobile

Wei Feng
General Manager
China Transport Telecommunication & Information Centre, Chong Qing

Roswell Wolff
President Asia Pacific

Wu Jibing
Product Specialist
Rohde & Schwarz

Xi Xiaochun
Vice General Manager, Network Tech. Services Center
Capinfo Company Ltd.

Xia Liang
Project Manager
China Mobile Research Institute

Xin Keduo
China Unicom Smart Connection Co,.LTD

Xin Wei
Secretary General
B-TrunC Industry Alliance

Xu Chaozhong
Professor of Engineering, BU of Intelligent Transportation
China Transport Telecommunication & Information Centre

Xu Ying
Dr., Spectrum Research Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Xu Zhipeng
Senior Engineer, Technical Center
Shanghai Metro

Yao Yong

Vincent Yu
Sales Director, China

Damien Zhang
TI Beijing Office

Zhang Lida
Sector Chief, Science and Technology Sector, Administrative Bureau of Radio Stations

Mike Zhang
Senior Manager of BD & SE East Asia
Spirent Communications

Zhang Rongjian
Director, Program Delivery Department, Radio Station Administration Bureau

Zhang Xiaofei
Director, Radio Monitoring Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Felix Zhao
Founder and CEO
Cassia Networks

Jason Zhu
Product Director
IVT Wireless Limited