2018 List of Speakers

Cao Desheng
China Transport Telecommunication & Information Centre

Amer Hassan
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

Chih-Lin I
Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies
China Mobile Research Institute

Li Fuchang
Senior Expert, Wireless Technology Research Department
China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute

Li Jingchun
Deputy Director and Chief Engineer
State Radio Monitoring Center

Li Yinghua
Senior Engineer, Spectrum Engineering Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Ma Hongbing
Vice General Manager, Network Construction Department
China Unicom

Pu Xing
Senior Engineer, Information Department
State Radio Monitoring Center

Shen Shaoai
Vice President, Technical Department
China Telecom

Shen Yongyan
Deputy Director, Science and Technology Committee
China Satcom

Wilma Su
Chairman of China Member Group, Zigbee Alliance
Director of Standards and Regulations Asia, Philips Lighting

Manuel Uhm
Chair of the Board of Directors
Wireless Innovation Forum

Wang Yi
Chief IoT Expert
Shanghai Research Institute, China Telecom

Xia Liang
Project Manager
China Mobile Research Institute

Yang Yang
OpenFog Consortium
Director for Greater China Region

... Plus Senior Executive from National Instruments, Sigfox and more.